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Sustainability Team 1 - Recommendation Report

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The following was taken from our webcampus site. I suggest everyone go to week 14 and look at the requirements for the recommendation report. I will start writing it here, but it does need to be in a word .doc which I will also create. This needs to be done by Sunday so we can submit for an optional instructor review - which I think we should do. We can use the wiki page to make the changes and I will alter the .doc as well. Only some of the links here are active (because I uploaded copies) and I can't find the wiki page Dr. S is using, so if you have any questions about what these look like, please check webcampus.


Also, Antonia, do you know how to do a table of contents page?


Each report must include the following elements in some form:


1. Front Matter of Report

1.1 Letter of Transmittal

1.2 Cover/Title Page

1.3 Executive Summary

1.4 Table of Contents

2. Major Sections of the Report

2.1 Introduction

Global Cash Access, a service provider for the gaming industry, has a Las Vegas office composed of two main building sections. Like any office building, its office contains numerous fluorescent bulbs which are operated by only one control for an entire section. Despite the fact that large portions of the building are unoccupied during the evenings and sporadically throughout the day, these lights are very rarely turned off. These circumstances present an obvious problem of waste and inefficiency with Global Cash Access's power consumption.The purpose of this report is to present a series of directives designed to tackle this issue and to provide the client (Global Cash Access) with viable options to reduce their overall power consumption

. Included herein is a background of the issues, recommendations, findings, and a conclusion.



2.2 Background


The current office layout, lighting plan, and the timing of employee hours are tremendously inefficient. As such, we have devised a proposal that includes several sustainable directives that aim to decrease daily power consumption. Most of the lighting is very rarely turned off, even though there are portions of the building unoccupied from 5 or 6 PM until roughly 7 to 9 AM on weekdays, and unoccupied through the entire weekend. Often one person working late (say, until midnight) will result in the lights for the whole side of the building being lit. There are only two areas with people working in them 24/7, and one of these (the help desk, where Richard works) already has separate light controls. The other area, the call center, is a fairly large area (occupying about 1/2 to 2/3 of that section of the building). These issues present a tremendous opportunities for cost savings that are not only financially enticing but are environmentally conscious.


2.3 Recommendation

Our study has concluded that the most practical and cost effective way for Global Cash Access to reduce their power consumption can be accomplished by effectively partitioning the largest lighting zones of the office into smaller, more manageable areas. Additionally, each of these smaller areas would be controlled by a single switch. By doing this, any employee that come in, whether it be during normal business hours or otherwise, could illuminate the area only immediate in their vicinity instead of lighting the entire building. 


2.4 Methods and Findings


2.5 Conclusion

3. Back Matter of the Report

3.1 List of Sources

3.2 Appendices


All of the above are in one document HERE.


Resources for this assignment

See the Word Documents folder for these samples and templates.







Grading Criteria




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Jeffrey said

at 11:13 pm on Apr 22, 2010

Ok, so i've started to fill in some of the info. as per Jenn's awesome links to the template and Dr. Staggers's guidance, i've incorporated some of our existing material directly into the sections where i thought they best fit. I'm writing in purple. Please feel free to edit/change/delete my additions.


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