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Sustainability Team 1

Page history last edited by Richard Wood 14 years, 4 months ago



Sustainability Team 1 - Schedule


Sustainability Team 1 - Proposal Draft


Gantt Chart (preliminary - needs work)








Due Dates


3/21 - Research Proposal Drafts for Peer Review to webcampus

3/28 - Research Proposal for Optional Instructor Review

3/29 - 4/2 - SPRING BREAK!!!

4/4 -  Research completed

4/11 - Team Discussion. Exercise 10 due.

4/18 - Team Discussion. Recommendation Report drafts for peer review.

4/25 - Recommendation Report draft for optional instructor review.

4/30 - Final report due 5pm. This is a FRIDAY.






Notes to Team Members


Preliminary Gantt chart uploaded (mainly so you can see how to format it; I used Jenn's dates but kinda made up when we would be completing stuff by). - Richard

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