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Why Recycling is Important



The earth is made up of a limited supply of resourses.  Each year there are less resources and soon there will be none left.  Over the past 10 years there has been a lot of information about how to become eco-friendly.  The easiest thing for everybody to do is recycle.  Recycling cost no money and it only takes a few minutes of your time.  You just separate your Aluminum, Paper , Plastic, and Bottles into separate bins, put the bins outside with your trash and the recycling service will collect them for free.  It is simple, easy, and cost no money.  If every household in the world recycled we would save our natural resources and make sure the next generation can see the beauty of this planet.


Aluminum Cans

Have you ever wondered what happens to the coke or Pepsi can you throw away after you enjoy your refreshing drink? Aluminum is not biodegradable, it will stay in landfills forever. So before you throw your can away in a forest or on the side of the road think.  The following video show you how alluminum cans are processed.


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Glass Bottles

It takes up to one million years for a glass bottle to decompose naturally. This is why it is important to recycle glass.  Here is a video to show how bottles are recycled into different objects.


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Plastic Bottles

It's important to recycle plastic bottles because plastic will last forever in a landfill, and plastic bottles are easily recycled.  This video will show how plastic bottles are recycled into different items.


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Paper is one of the easiest items to recycle.  Every household has an abundance of paper that we just throw in the trash.  Instead, take a second to separate the important papers with your information (ie. account numbers, social security number, or credit card numbers) and shred these papers before you recycle them.  For other papers like newpapers and flyers just throw them into a bin.  Here is a video to show you about recycling paper.


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Each of the above videos show why recycling is so important and the energy and resources we save by recycling.  Most of the Glass and Plastic bottles are recyled into other items like vases, pencils, and purses.  Recycling takes approximately 75%-95% less energy than it takes to create from scratch.  The next time you are drinking a soda or reading a newspaper, think before you throw it in the trash.  Being "Green" makes the world better for the next generation.




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