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(or: Because We Said So)

((Also Or: I'm Messing Around))



What Is It?


It's the idea that reality can be altered if we just put our minds together and decide that what really happened was whatever we decide happened. While Stephen Colbert is credited with naming this ability, the human race has in fact been doing this for centuries (see: politicians).


How About An Example?


Fine. Figure 1 shows the picture of an elephant. That's not an elephant, you say? That's a giraffe? It's only a giraffe because in the distant past a bunch of know-it-alls got together and decided that it was a giraffe. If everyone, or a large enough percentage of everyone, were to get together and decide that it is in fact an elephant, then all of a sudden it is an elephant. So not only have we changed reality, we've also bolstered the withering elephant population! That is the power of Wikiality.



Figure 1; An Elephant.. Picture ripped off from http://savingforsesame.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/whippet-family-tree/

Comments (2)

julie.staggers@unlv.edu said

at 12:21 pm on Feb 27, 2010

Cole -- A). This is super groovy. B). Not only do you get wikiality, you also have an advanced understanding social construction theory. WHAT is your major? Dr. S.

julie.staggers@unlv.edu said

at 10:58 am on Mar 1, 2010

Cole, I found an "example" page with text wrapped (loosely, lots of white space), but no instructions. Looking at this, I think they probably did what I suggested to you, create a table to control/organize the space, then insert text/images strategically


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