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This is your individual workspace for the second phase of the process description project.


In this phase of the project, you'll revise your original process description, which was written for a technical audience, for a general audience of Internet readers.


We're producing a sort of online encyclopedia about how sustainable processes of various sorts work. While the technology we're using here is similar to the technology that powers Wikipedia; our entries will be similar in tone and content to that on web sites like How Stuff Works, which provide explanations of technical processes for general audiences.


Below, you'll find the links you need to get started with this project, including a detailed assignment description for this phase of the Process Description Process.


If you haven't worked in a wiki before, you'll probably find it surprisingly easy. Your instructor has already emailed you (via WebCampus) the login and password you'll need in order to access and edit pages in this workspace.


A wiki is a very easy way to creat a web page without having any web skills at all. The editing system is very similar to any basic word processor. Click Edit at the top of your page whenever you're ready to make changes, make your changes, and click Save. If you're feeling brave, you can dive right in. This space is your individual workspace. You'll delete all of the text that's here now when you're ready to add your process description to the page. 


If you're feeling timid, you  might want to orient yourself to this space by



Process Description Process: Phase II Resources

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